Soon, we’ve turned our clocks back, and some of us began to feel S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

S.A.D. is physiological disruption of our diurnal rhythm that also causes jet lag.

Yet, sometimes folks end up medicalizing their psychological sadness,
so they can feel that it can’t be helped.

In these troubled times, that tendency to translate what’s going on around us into fear-filled feelings of helplessness is even further heightened.

Yet, with patient and supportive therapy, you can sort out the S.A.D. from the sadness, and stop turning the uncertainty without into unneeded uncertainty within. Then, you’ll see that you actually have more mastery over your moods than you dared to think.

So instead of dwelling in despair and despondent darkness, you can see life in a whole new light.

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