Career Coaching

Looking to Get More Out Of Your Career? 

african-american-woman-black-girl-black-woman-chairIs your current job or career path stagnant or unsatisfying? Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job or sick of being passed over for promotion. If your contributions often go unrecognized, you may be feeling deflated, disappointed and resentful.

Are you frustrated by professional setbacks? Maybe you were recently fired or furloughed, or you’re entering the workforce in the middle of a recession. Worrying about your future may make you feel discouraged, angry or afraid. You may also feel very alone, especially when you compare yourself to other people who seem to be more successful.

Have your professional struggles been causing anxiety, depression or other mood changes? Anger, blame and shame may also be cropping up. Perhaps it feels like it’s you against the world right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Career coaching with a compassionate therapist can provide emotional support and help you recognize opportunities to improve yourself and your situation.

Professional Fulfillment Is Often Elusive

If you’ve been struggling to find work that you like—or to find work at all—you’re not alone. Oftentimes, there simply aren’t enough good jobs to go around, especially during times of economic instability. Because of that, many people face stiff competition when applying for a position or vying for a promotion. 

Even if you do land your target position, you may ultimately find it to be unsatisfying. In a job market where employers have all the power, many people find themselves stuck in poor working conditions or earning less than a living wage. According to a 2019 survey, nearly half of American workers say they are dissatisfied with their jobs¹.

Many of us were taught from a young age that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. We’ve also been taught to value self-reliance and independence. So when we’re unable to create lucrative, satisfying careers, we assume that we’ve somehow failed—or been betrayed by an unfair system.

In reality, placing blame doesn’t help, and getting ahead often requires more than hard work. Most people will also need an awareness of their own needs and shortcomings, which may be obscured by misleading thoughts. A person’s worldview can trap them in patterns that hold them back. Unless they can learn more about their own psychology, most people won’t be able to set realistic goals, improve themselves or relate well with others.

Most of us have never been taught how to identify or overcome negative thoughts and beliefs, but it’s never too late to learn. Life will always involve challenges, but getting job support from a knowledgeable therapist can help you find a way forward, even if your career prospects seem dismal.

Career Coaching Helps You Blaze A Better Path

You’ll encounter many obstacles along your career path. Some you’ll be able to traverse, while others will force you to change course. Negative thoughts and beliefs can make it hard to tell the difference, but career coaching can give you a clearer view of the path ahead.

man-using-ballpoint-penThere may have been times when you’ve looked to the outside world to solve your problems, not realizing that you had the power to solve them yourself. On the other hand, there may have been times when you’ve blamed yourself for things that were outside of your control. Career coaching can help you differentiate between the things you can change and those you can’t, allowing you to concentrate your efforts where they will have the biggest impact.

Getting career support from a licensed therapist will also help you assess the wisdom of your current goals. For example, you may have been operating on the assumption that a particular career or position is the only thing that will make you happy. By evaluating the validity of your assumptions about yourself, your future and your current job, therapy can help you work toward goals that align with your strengths and interests. 

Therapy can help you get real about your capabilities and shortcomings. If you’re overconfident or overly focused on yourself, therapy can help you identify areas where you may be inadvertently sabotaging key relationships. On the other hand, therapy might reveal that you don’t give yourself enough credit, making you vulnerable to exploitation. The self-awareness and confidence you develop in therapy will help you balance your own interests with others’, allowing you to build stronger professional relationships. 

Career therapy can help you identify new opportunities and make better-informed choices regarding your development and career path. I’ll help you to stop dwelling on past letdowns or missteps, and shift your focus to things you can do to work toward a more fulfilling career.

Have Some Doubts About Career Coaching?

I’m such a failure. Why should I even try? 

You may be placing too much blame on yourself. If so, therapy can help you move past self-pity and regret. On the other hand, if your circumstances were caused by your own actions, guilt and shame won’t help in any way. Regardless of what caused your current predicament, career therapy can help you find a way forward.

The odds are stacked so heavily against me that there’s no use in trying.

Even if you are facing significant obstacles or your path isn’t clear right now, there is always something you can do. The choice is yours: sit around ruminating or let a qualified job coach help you recover from past setbacks and find ways to improve your situation.

photography-of-woman-using-laptopIt’s a dog eat dog world. No one really cares about me.

I do care about my clients, and I can help them identify professional allies that may also be willing to help. I can also help you uncover the full truth of your situation, which may be more favorable than you imagined. Even if you don’t have many supportive people in your life right now, therapy can help you develop the confidence and certainty to make big changes. 

Let Career Coaching Help You Lead The Way

If you’re ready to find a more fulfilling career, I can help. Together, we’ll break through unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, allowing you to recognize and pursue opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement with greater confidence. Contact me to take the first step toward finding satisfying work.