We would like to think that we live our lives in the real world. Yet, in reality, that’s not the case. Everything out there that we take in through our senses is filtered and interpreted through our individual psychology. In the process, we put our own spin on it all, one that strongly influences our feelings, our thoughts, our words, and of course, our actions.

Our psychology takes shape much like our native language; we internalize what’s around us. So communicating – and relating with others– is almost second nature. That saves a lot of mental overhead. Yet, it also means that a lot of what we think depends on our early upbringing.

Much of what we pick up growing up is quite good. Some of it is not so hot. That’s the stuff that holds us back, even if we don’t know it.

That we don’t know so is no failing. Still, it takes a lot of courage to accept that you need some help. To admit that you can’t figure it all out by yourself, even when it seems you should. If anything, you’re just human; none of us can easily see the forest for the trees.

As with language, we can improve our means of self-expression, and even learn better ways of relating – if we put our minds to it.

Together, we’ll help you gain the insight into yourself you need to learn a whole new language of living. So you can achieve a sense of success and fulfillment, instead of settling for a one of failure and frustration.

We are born to seek satisfaction, to be productive and optimistic. So why not seize the day? Then, you can live your life to your heart’s content, and enjoy a lot of good times along the way. Contact me to start the process of freeing yourself and live the life you want – I would love to help you.

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