David Kach Counseling and Psychotherapy

Have you been feeling down lately? Feel like you can never catch a break? Are negative thoughts been making you feel anxious?  Feeling stressed and stuck in your life? Are you worried about the direction your marriage or partnership is headed? Perhaps you’re frustrated by professional setbacks?

During these trying times, you may feel upset by the world around you. That reality adds to your disappointment and distress. Yet, what you feel is the key. To make sense of things, we filter the present through the sum total of the feelings, ideas, examples and experiences that have shaped us throughout our lives. 

Unhappy things may be going on out there, but your spin on that is what’s going on the inside. That’s the stuff that bothers you most. That’s also the stuff that really matters. That’s the stuff you can change. If you can change that, you’ll have a better shot at changing what goes on around you, and a better shot at securing the success, satisfaction and peace of mind you should have in life.

Yet, changing your mindset is a tricky task. It’s hard for your mind to realistically examine itself, because its underlying feelings are what got you into the fragile frame of mind you find yourself in now. It helps to have a different perspective. It helps to understand your own mind as best you can. It helps to understand your own mind, so you can change it for the better. It helps to have good therapy.

That’s where I can help: with engaged and caring therapy that keeps the focus on who you are now, and who you can be. It takes a lot of guts to accept that you can benefit from help. You’ve taken the first step, so let’s get to work.

Call me at 646-670-8172, email me at David@DavidKachCounseling.com, or fill out the form on the Contact page. Together we’ll help you find a way to help yourself to a better life than you probably thought possible.

Getting Satisfaction

We are born to seek satisfaction, be productive and optimistic. Yet somehow, life tends to get in the way. Or so it seems.

That’s because we’re largely unaware of our own psychology. Of how it’s shaped by our upbringing. Or how profoundly that influences our thinking, our choices, and the outcomes.

Yet, with warm, open and responsive psychotherapy you can gain the insight that lets you live more realistically. So you can attain success and fulfillment.

And enjoy it all.

Life can be better
than you think.

Getting Help

It takes a lot of courage to accept that you need help. That you can’t figure it all out yourself when you think you should.

But that’s just being human.

Because there’s so much inside our heads we seldom see. Yet, it guides our thoughts, our actions, and their consequences.

But with kind, patient therapy I can help you work things out. So you can achieve satisfaction and contentment.

And feel good about it all.

Then life can be better
than you think.

Getting Better

Our psychology takes shape like our native language; we basically internalize what’s around us. So communicating – and relating – is second nature, and laborious thought doesn’t get in the way. Even if some of what we learned doesn’t give us lasting satisfaction.

Yet, as with language, we can improve our self-expression. And even learn satisfying ways of relating. If we put our minds to it.

I have the training, the patience, and the insight to help you learn a whole new language of living.

And look forward to it all.

Then, life can be better
than you thought.

Life can be better than you think.℠

Anxiety Therapy


Are negative thoughts making you feel anxious? Perhaps you’re dwelling on past mistakes or other painful experiences. As a result, you might think that no matter what you do, nothing will ever work out.  You may also have started to think to yourself: “I am a failure”.


Depression Treatment



Have you been feeling down lately? You might be dissatisfied with your job, financial situation or some other life circumstance. No matter what you do, things never seem to get any better.  As a result, you might have given up on the idea of improving your situation.


Relationship Therapy



Are you worried about the direction your marriage or partnership is headed? Even if your relationship was initially peaceful, it may now feel more like a war zone.  If so, you’re probably growing tired of the constant arguments and power struggles. 


Job Support



Is your current job or career path stagnant or unsatisfying? Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job or sick of being passed over for promotion. If your contributions often go unrecognized, you may be feeling deflated, disappointed and resentful.